About us

Meet the people behind the project and learn more about our mission.

How did the project come about and what is behind it? It was at an event held by bremen digitalmedia that the concrete idea of a matching program for women interested in IT and companies in Bremen was born – between industry representatives and politicians.

There was a rapid call for structures that would stabilize the matching in the long term. The side of the companies can flow in through the direct line of bremen digitalmedia e.V. to its members. The voices of interested women are won through motivated project partners. Matching is provided by the project partners ifib and ITB, who use accompanying research projects to gain an understanding of both sides. Because needs and requirements can only be met if they are clearly formulated.

Project team

bremen digitalmedia e.V.

Contact: Laura Heissenbüttel
Mail: laura.heissenbuettel@bremen-digitalmedia.de
Phone: 0421 16 13 86 29
Website: www.bremen-digitalmedia.de

bremen digitalmedia e.V. is the industry association of media and information technology companies in the federal state of Bremen. The focal points of its work and projects are intended to provide a lasting positive influence on the economic framework conditions for the companies of the sector, located in Bremen.

The F.IT project and the concerns of bremen digitalmedia form an important congruency, which is aimed at counteracting the lack of skilled workers in the IT sector. The association is responsible for network management and public relations of the project and also connects the local IT companies with the activities of the F.IT project.

ifib - Institut für Informationsmanagement Bremen GmbH

Contact: Dr. Stefan Welling
Mail: Welling@ifib.de
Phone: 0421 21 85 65 82
Website: www.ifib.de

The Institute for Information Management Bremen GmbH (ifib) is a non-profit affiliated institute of the University of Bremen. For many years, ifib has been conducting research on various issues of vocational education and training in the context of digital transformation, both in company and school contexts.

The central task of ifib-Institute is the scientific support of the F.IT project due to its proven professional expertise and profound knowledge in the application of quantitative and qualitative methods of empirical social research.

ITB - Institut Technik und Bildung

Contact: Dr. Kristina Kühn
Mail: kristina.kuehn@uni-bremen.de
Phone: 0421 21 86 63 32
Website: www.itb.uni-bremen.de

The Institute for Technology and Education (ITE), at the University of Bremen, is one of the largest institutes for vocational education and training research in the world. Over more than 30 years, it has worked on almost all areas of vocational education and training. Employing around 50 staff members from a wide range of disciplines, the ITB has excellent human resources in research, teaching and administration. A particular strongpoint of the ITB is the combining of basic research, applied research and the development of solutions for the practical needs of initial and continuing vocational education and training.

With this expertise, the ITB has taken over the project management of F.IT.

Senatorin für Wirtschaft, Arbeit und Europa

Contact: Thorsten Kühn
Mail: Thorsten.Kuehn@wae.bremen.de

The F.IT project is supported by the Senator for Economics, Labor and Europe from the funds of the state and the European Social Fund Plus.

Project participants

Agentur für Arbeit Bremen-Bremerhaven​

Contact: Armin Zubrägel
Mail: Armin.Zubraegel@arbeitsagentur.de
Website: www.arbeitsagentur.de

The Bremen-Bremerhaven Employment Agency is the service provider for all questions concerning the labour and training market. This includes, in particular, the provision of apprenticeship and job places, individual career counselling for young people and adults. Furthermore, within the framework of active labour market policy, the Employment Agency promotes the participation of the unemployed and employees in further training and re-education courses.


In cooperation with the Employment Agency, the F.IT project has a partner that plays an important role both in the area of financing the training and further education activities, as well as in attracting interested women.

Avanja - Frauen in die IT!​

Contact: Eva Koball
Mail: Eva.Koball@bremen-digitalmedia.de
Phone: 0421 16 10 05 35
Website: www.avanja.de

Avanja – Women in the IT! is another bremen digitalmedia project, which in addition to F.IT aims to attract female specialists to the IT industry. In the categories of young talents, recruiting, retention and leadership the platform offers precise recommendations in the form of checklists, quick wins, best practices and much more. For interested companies Avanja is the optimal first contact point for receiving information regarding the issue of gender balance and for starting its immediate implementation. The project is funded by the Senator for Economics, Labour and Europe.

The F.IT and Avanja projects pursue the same goal. For this reason, synergies are used so that the content-related work of both projects benefits from each other.

cbm GmbH​

Contact: Katrin Querfeld
Mail: Katrin.Querfeld@cbm-bremen.de
Phone: 0421 16 57 37
Website: www.cbm-bremen.de

Due to its diverse range of offers, cbm GmbH is one of the central providers of further education in the IT sector located in Bremen. By means of its four-week course “Frauen starten digital durch” (Women start digitally), the company offers an activity especially for women, who would like to get a first insight into the IT sector.

With the help of cbm it has become possible to gather valuable information for the F.IT project about difficulties encountered upon entering the IT industry.

Europaschule Schulzentrum Utbremen​

Contact: Hannes Ischebeck
Mail: Hannes.Ischebeck@schulverwaltung.bremen.de
Phone: 0421 361 56 40
Website: www.szut.de

The European Educational Centre Utbremen is a vocational school with a wide range of educational opportunities. Pupils can obtain a vocational qualification, the advanced technical college entrance qualification or the general qualification for university entrance (Abitur). In addition, the EC Utbremen is the only school in Bremen, which offers a dual qualification, which is a combination of a subject-specific or general higher education entrance qualification with a recognised vocational qualification.

For F.IT, the full-school training course MATA (Mathematical-Technical Assistant) is particularly relevant. Within the project, this offer is exceptionally targeted for girls.

Landesagentur für berufliche Weiterbildung Bremen (LabeW)

Contact: Dr. Thorbjörn Ferber
Mail: Thorbjoern.Ferber@inbas.com
Phone: 0421 16 88 91 21
Website: www.labew-bremen.de

In cooperation with the Federal State Agency for Continuing Vocational Education and Training (German – LabeW), the Senator for Economics, Labour and Europe has created a central and free contact point, which is intended to simplify the access to continuing vocational education and training in the Federal State of Bremen for employees and companies. LabeW provides support in the development of qualification strategies in companies and aims to promote the diverse funding opportunities within the framework of continuing education activities. The experts at LabeW provide independent advice on questions of continuing vocational education and training or refer people to the relevant consulting centre. In close interaction with the network partners, the federal state agency also supports or initiates innovative continuing education programmes.

For F.IT, LabeW is an important contact point for questions about training and further education and an important initiator for the development of suitable further education activities.